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How do we achieve Financial Independence?  We Must First Get in Front of the Movement of Money

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Product Distribution And The Movement of Money: The Best Kept Secret To Creating Financial Security

by Jim Lynn, Copyrighted 2014
“Houston, we have a problem”

No matter if you are a Generation X’er looking ahead to a career, a Baby Boomer thinking of retirement, or living on a fixed income, generations of people today are  staring at a big problem: Their own financial security. The American dream, once the  hallmark of achievement, seems to be fading away before their eyes. And rightly so.

The old jobs are no longer here like they once were, and viable careers are becoming  harder and harder to find and rope in. It seems people nowadays depend more and  more on credit, because there is too much month left at the end of the money. Just getting by is fast becoming the norm and a trick to pull off.

The problem is not the lack of money, there’s plenty of it moving around. The problem is money is moving where most of us are not.

Note: Money is not an end to itself, it’s what money facilitates that’s
missing in most peoples life. Money is what gives us access to those

So is there a solution?

Of course there is. The solution lies in understanding the problem. It’s time for change. If You want greater income, if you want financial security, you must first put yourself in front of the movement of money. What do I mean by that statement. Well, it’s not money itself that makes people rich. It’s the movement of money that does.
Think about it.

When people get paid…money moves.                                Color Circle

When people spend money…money moves.
When people use ATM machines…money moves.
When people buy goods/services…money moves.
When people save/invest money…money moves.

In each of these cases and many others, people make money when money moves. Until this economic truth is understood and capitalized on, the options for acquiring wealth are extremely limited. It’s always worked this way.
To acquire wealth you must first get in front of money to benefit from its movement.  That means you must become proactive towards money. You must look for ways to get in front of money you know is moving. Working for others is not the way to do that.

Here’s another economic truth:

Exponential growth of money and the velocity at which it moves, determines how fast wealth is created. You’d think people instinctively know this, but most do not. Here’s an example of what I mean.

If you had your choice between receiving $1,000,000.00, or receiving a penny a day that doubles in value every day for the next 30 days, which would you ask for?

Most everyone is quick to ask for the $1,000,000.00. What they do not realize is they just turned down $5,368,709.12. That’s how much a single penny doubling in value everyday is worth in 30 days. It’s called exponential growth; the power of which few people understand when it comes to money and the velocity of its movement.

Exponential growth and velocity is how small amounts of seed money invested in opportunity grow to become vast fortunes. The whole idea is to first put yourself in front of money you know is moving so it comes to you.

Forget the Stock Market, Mutual Funds and the like. Millions of people get wiped out every time there’s a market reset. I personally know of a cab driver who was thinking of retirement when the stock Market tanked back in 2008. The value of his investments plunged from $325,000 to just under $100,000. No, you want to be in
front of something more reliable than paper investments. You want to invest in something you can control, and have assurances of.

Become Aligned With Product Distribution

Remember the first rule of money. If You want greater income, if you want financial security, you must first put yourself in front of the movement of money. One of the greatest safe havens to achieving the American Dream lies in the business of product distribution.

Think about it. Our entire economy depends on and revolves around product distribution. Nearly everything you buy and depend on has moved through a product distribution system or network. In good times or bad, products move from manufactures and producers to
national warehouses, where they’re shipped to regional warehouses and finally on to local stores where they’re sold to end consumers.
People immediately understand product distribution, connecting it to wealth. They see the business of product distribution every time they go to the store. Roads are filled with 18 wheelers moving products 24/7. They see where those products end up, on store shelves, and they see the long lines of buyers at check out stands. People understand there’s money to be made in product distribution, lots of money!

Different Kinds of Product Distribution: Same Results

Traditional product distribution systems move products from location to location. Each distributor in those systems, who moves those products along their way, gets a piece of the pie. In other words, every distributor in front of money moving through that system makes money.

Delivery By 3d Characters Shows Moving Packages

Product distribution networks work similarly except products are shipped directly from the producer to the end consumer. But then, a piece of the pie goes to everyone in the network who – made it possible – for the end consumer to enjoy those products.
Mind you, distributors seldom touch products moving through the network, they just make it possible for the end consumer to enjoy them. In doing so, every distributor in front of money moving through that network makes money.

Note: It doesn’t matter so much what kinds of products are flowing
through the network, it’s the network, itself, that offers people, the
opportunity to get control of their lives back.

My Personal Example

Every month a FedEx truck delivers a package of personal care and health supplements to my doorstep. A few weeks later every month, a handsome 4 figure check is deposited into my checking account from the same company that sends me those products. How is this possible you ask?

Years ago I positioned myself as an independent distributor with the producer of these products, and started my own Product Distribution Network. Since that time, all I have ever done is show others how to do the same: Tell them how to get in front of
this money, buy products, receive money.

The products are shipped directly from the producer to the end consumer, and money goes to everyone who made it possible for the end consumer to buy those products.

It matters not the state of the economy. Successful product distribution networks keep growing for three reasons:

1. These are products people already use and depend on in their daily lives.
2. When people understand they can get in front of this money, they want in.
3. People are concerned about their own economic alternatives.
As for reliability, if I had to choose between investing in the stock market and product distribution, I would choose product distribution every time. It’s proven itself beyond any doubt I may have had about its longevity. The company that deposits money into my account is now in its 20th year. I’ve been associated with this same company for
18 of those years.

Exponential growth is what empowers Product Distribution Networks. As the number of Distributors in my network increase, the greater is the number of products flowing through my network, and the amount of money I receive.


I well remember the first three checks I received from the producer of these products.  The first was for $9, the second for $18 and the third one was for $56. That would be enough to turn some people off, but for me all I could see was exponential growth at work. I knew it was only a matter of time before I would be earning more money from
my part-time product distribution business than I was making at my salaried day job.  And that’s exactly what happened.

It turned out the company I was working for two years later moved its entire operation to Mexico, laying off 300 employees in the process. But while 299 of my fellow employees went down to the unemployment office, I stayed home. I stayed home because by then, my Product Distribution Network was growing and bringing in more
money than my day job. There was no need to be employed ever again.

Ever since that time I’ve enjoyed the freedom to do what I want when I want, and live the way I want. As it has for countless others, creating a Product Distribution Network can do the same for you.

If you have concerns about being financially secure, you owe it to yourself to talk with someone in the Product Distribution Network business. Talk to the person who shared this article with you.

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